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Losing your job or looking like you could is one of the most unpleasant and stressful experiences we can face.

It is made worse by the very confusing rules and laws that are meant to protect our employment but themselves add to the confusion and stress. Having been through an employment dispute myself I decided to create Iambeingfired in 2004 to give you independent, unbiased and detailed facts on what your rights are and how you can protect your job or get the compensation you deserve if your employment has already been ended.

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You are not alone in your employment issues - since the site was founded in 2004 it has been visited by almost one million visitors. We hope that the information on these pages will help and for further assistance please give us your details and we will get an appropriate employment lawyer to call you and give you further advice. We only work with acknowledged experts who will give you free advice about what you should do next.

As your employer will be using a specialist employment law solicitor, you need to also use a specialist if you are to get the best results. Don’t use your local solicitor as they are unlikely to be specialists in employment law and you will be paying them to learn it. I cannot stress strongly enough that you must use an employment law specialist if you are to get the best result. I have done a lot of research into who are the UK’s best employment law specialists and I am happy to pass this onto you so that you can find a good employment law specialist to help you.

You need to get advice quickly if you are to help get a good result, your employer may have lawyers working already and so you need advice to fight your corner, tell us what happened and we will get the most appropriate Employment Law expert to call you immediately at no charge and tell you what can be done, click here

Answer a few questions and it will tell you if you have a case. Depending upon your circumstances it will select the best solicitor and send them your details and the results of your Evaluator answers.

They can then review this and they will give you a call to discuss. I have their agreement that they will not charge you for this telephone advice. In many cases an employer will not want to go to court and will seek to settle before especially if you are using a good employment solicitor, so just by starting a case against them you can often get compensation without even reaching court. In this case you will almost certainly be asked to sign a Compromise Agreement by your employer, which you will need an employment law specialist to review it before you sign to ensure you are getting the best deal.

I personally have a good understanding of UK employment law having held a number of Director level roles in large UK co’s and from also experiencing companies breaching the rules and laws. To ensure that the information on this site is correct I have had all of the legal content of this site written by one of the UK’s leading employment law specialists.

You may feel shocked, disappointed and upset. The first thing you need to know is that in order to make any potential claim at the Employment Tribunal in relation to unfair dismissal, discrimination, breach of contract or wages, then you must make that claim within three months of the incident. If you are complaining about dismissal, then it is three months from the date of dismissal. If you are complaining about discrimination, it is three months from the last date active discrimination took place.

If you decide to read no further, please remember this that you must make the claim within three months or risk the Tribunal excluding that claim on the grounds that it was not presented in time.

I have created this site as I believe that we should be treated fairly by employers and hopefully this site will help you get the best solution to your employment problems by understanding the issues and finding a good specialist employment law solicitor.

The site author/owner has endeavoured to give clear information to benefit the reader. The information is no substitute for obtaining specific advice about any claim you may have from a person qualified to give it. The examples, and circumstances described etc bear no relation to any actual case and any resemblance to real circumstances is purely accidental and unintentional. The site author/owner accepts no liability for any mistake, error or inconsistency in the text and the reader should ALWAYS OBTAIN specific advice about his/her own situation. In order to assist the reader, you can give your details so that a qualified advisor can call you free of charge and assist you further via CLAIM EVALUATOR