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Employment Solicitors
Employment Solicitor

Finding good employment solicitors is not an easy matter unless you know what you are doing or get a recommendation. Good employment solicitors will get you a good result for your employment issues and bad employment solicitors will get you a poor result. As you only have one chance to get a good result it is critical that you choose good experienced employment solicitors.

Firstly you should consider that your opponent will almost certainly already have retained good experienced employment solicitors and if you do not do the same you will be at a disadvantage.

Secondly your local high street solicitors will be a jack of all trades and will not have the specialist employment law knowledge and experience to get you a good result. They will spend much of their time doing conveyancing, wills and divorces and hence will not truly be experts in employment law.

So with all of this considered how do you find good employment solicitors?

I founded this web site in 2004 to help people get good employment law advice and help people find good employment solicitors.

The internet is full of firms claiming to be expert employment solicitors but if you look a little closer many of them are just generalist solicitors with a web site that makes them look like specialist employment solicitors. Roam around their web site and you will see what I mean or give them a call and ask what other types of law they conduct and unless they only specialise in employment law, discount them. At the top of a Google search you will see the companies that have paid Google to have their adverts at the top or right side of the search window. These firms tend to be ones that are new to employment law (or whatever market) or already exist but do not have enough customers and are buying their way to the top of Google to get more business. Ideally you want your employment solicitors to be busy and experienced and not starting out and using your case/life for training and gaining experience.

Once you have found a few possible employment solicitors that pass the above criteria then you should ask them about the following:

  • What is their win ratio – what proportion of cases do they win?
  • And of these, what proportion is resolved without going to court and in court
  • What is their average win/award in £
  • How many cases have they done in the last 24 months similar to your own?
  • How many did they win and what was the average win/award
  • What was the average, shortest and longest timescale for such cases to conclude?
  • Who would run your case and what is his/her experience in employment law.
  • How many cases will this person be running at any one time. They should know off the top of their head, if they can’t then do they have cases that they have lost track of?

If they are not willing or unable to answer these questions then walk away. If they are a switched on firm then they should know this information and be proud to tell you of their success. If not then you can only wonder why and they are probably best avoided.

Use the above questions to help you choose the best employment solicitors for your needs. When you consider that a good result could be you getting your job back or gaining a considerable sum in compensation – it is worth taking the time to choose the best employment solicitors.

We used to be able to tell you who the best solicitors are - based upon 14+ years experience of 100's of cases, but the Ministry of Justice want to charge us lots of money if we do this and so sadly we do not do this anymore - we are not allowed to - Yes daft!

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The site author/owner has endeavoured to give clear information to benefit the reader. The information is no substitute for obtaining specific advice about any claim you may have from a person qualified to give it. The examples, and circumstances described etc bear no relation to any actual case and any resemblance to real circumstances is purely accidental and unintentional. The site author/owner accepts no liability for any mistake, error or inconsistency in the text and the reader should ALWAYS OBTAIN specific advice about his/her own situation. In order to assist the reader, you can give your details so that a qualified advisor can call you free of charge and assist you further via CLAIM EVALUATOR