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Since 2004, when we founded this site we have helped thousands of people with employment issues. If you do nothing about your employment problems then things can only end in your employers favour - probably not what you want. With the experience of thousands of cases we can help you fight your case and get a good result. To help you, we need to know what is happening to you so that we can help - It will take you a couple of minutes to complete the Claim Evaluator form that will enable us to help you. We cannot help you unless we know what is happening. Employment law is complicated but we just ask a series of simple questions - mostly Yes or No to gather enough information to be able to help you. Dont let your employer get away with it, tell us what happened and we can help.

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Welcome to the Claim Evaluator. Please answer a few simple questions about what is happening/has happened to you at work and we can tell you if you have a claim

Employed for more than one year at this employer? Yes No
What date did you start working for your employer?
Are you still employed by your employer? Yes No
What date were you dismissed or expect to be dismissed?

If you do not know the exact dates, then please use your best estimate.