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Sexual Discrimination

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A person can be victimised even though they do not have a good claim for Sex Discrimination. The rule of victimisation states it is unlawful to victimise a person because they have brought proceedings under the Sex Discrimination Act or they have given evidence in relation to such a claim or have made allegations in relation to such a claim. It is then necessary for the person to show that they have been picked on, treated less favourably because they did one of those acts.

Therefore, we could be faced with a position where someone brings a claim to the Employment Tribunal for Sex Discrimination, the Tribunal finds against them on the grounds of Sex Discrimination but when they return to work their bosses are so angry that they have had to spend time and money on the Sex Discrimination claim that they start picking on that individual because she lodged a claim at the Employment Tribunal. If the reason for the treatment is because she lodged the claim at the Employment Tribunal, that would be a protected act and that would mean that she has been victimised on the grounds of sex.

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